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WebP for Background image

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  • WebP for Background image


    I am looking to use more and more WebP format on my websites.
    Contao 4.9 allows this for image type content elements.

    Do you have solutions to activate WebP for the revolution slider or Background image module for example?

    Thank you

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    I am thinking in particular of this type of solution:


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      Contao has no fallback solution yet or does it?


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        On contao here we can manage the format conversion WebP (see attached files)


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          Nice. I did not know that. Thank's for the hint. I'll get into that and we will update towards this direction. thx

          I move the topic to feature request.


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            Great, thank you


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              I've been testing with webp and I cannot see any real advantages right now. Yes, the file sizes are app. 30% less but...
              I even see more disadvantages because instead of processing just one image, php must process two images (the webp one and the fallback one). This leads to twice the payload and processing work compared to a regular (cross-platform supported) image format.
              Even a not cropped image must be compiled twice now. Normally no image processing must be applied at all.
              So bottom line: you almost double the payload on the server processing one webp image.

              A more effective use case would be using webp as the original images (not jpg etc.). Than there would be no processing work. Problem is Contao does not work this way. It converts to webp but when webp is the source it does not create a fallback image.
              -> and it even reprocesses the original file (no idea why )

              It is an interesting format (just like jpg2000 or any other high compressed image format) but the must have of a fallback hangs pretty heavy. Once the format is supported cross-platform without fallbacks it will become more interesting imo.

              Main reason to use webp imo is seo-wise because it is created by Google. And probably will lead to better pagespeed results just because of the use of their own format over the other ones.

              Klicke auf die Grafik für eine vergrößerte Ansicht

Name: screenshot_6992.jpg
Ansichten: 178
Größe: 72,1 KB
ID: 22432

              WEBP (not WEBO )


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                Ok I just read your analysis! I understand
                Thank you very much for your time there

                Have a nice day